Rosie McGinn

I use video and installation to capture the human condition in its many forms. Whether it’s a body floating endlessly in mid air, an armchair with a talking head or a weightlifter continuously struggling to lift the same weight, the pieces attempt to pinpoint what it is that makes us human. The work often mixes off-screen with on screen, physical with digital, familiar with unfamiliar and humour with intensity in order to tackle intimidating questions we each face internally. Are we content? What is our purpose? What are we searching for?

 In many of the videos the audiovisual strategies and editing techniques involve quite short, sharp and fast cuts, however the content remains simple and serene. I am currently working on a video piece [GROUNDED] which blends one YouTube clip into the next via a floating figure moving from one side of the screen to the other; whilst the figure and background changes the movement remains constant and seamless. The content is potentially frustrating in that the figures never find their feet but this idea of floating endlessly could also be satisfying to watch; an ongoing loop of endless flight presents you with the impossible.

Although elements of my work are clearly channeling the fast-paced wide spread media saturation which engulfs Western society today it is still unclear whether the practice encourages or discourages this newly adopted lifestyle. Is this non-stop visual bombardment progressive, intimate and informative or is it just distracting us from the important and simple meaning of life?

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