Clare Smith

Clare Smith was born in Penang, Malaysia and was educated in England. She studied Oriental studies in Cambridge before spending 15 years in Luxembourg, returning to England in 1999 to study art as a mature student in Canterbury Kent and realise a long-held dream of making a life in the arts. Her mixed English/Chinese heritage informs her perspective on issues of identity and categorisation. Smith’s nomadic childhood and early adulthood have meant a somewhat ambivalent relationship to place, reinforced by the sense of ambiguity that comes from her mixed identity. She works with drawing, print media, collage and moving image to investigate this ambivalence, with references to craft, the importance of labour and the handmade. Through her choice of materials and approaches, she creates work which attempts to create a sense of unity, an interpretation of Homi Bhabha’s “Third Space” – seen as a space in which different parts can come together to challenge dominant ideas of wholeness.

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