Invited Artist Interview: Shane Wheatcroft

It is always good to have a bit of background knowledge about artists and their artwork, so we interviewed one of our invited artists Shane Wheatcroft.

Shane is a Kent based artist who produces highly detailed collages and screen prints. His work is highly inspired from growing up on a housing estate in the remote Essex countryside in the 1980s, themes which run through much of his work are the reality of everyday life, and aspirations of a more exciting and glamorous existence. Old TV sitcoms, movies and music are a big influence on his work.

How do you prepare to make your pieces?

I usually start by looking through old magazines and books that I’ve collected, and cutting out anything that interests me. Then moving bits around, adding things, taking things away, until an idea develops.
Can you explain the process of your artwork?
It varies from piece to piece. Sometimes I’ll make a very simple collage, using just a couple of images, and sometimes it’ll be a piece that’s made up of hundreds of images, with led lights, painting etc. It depends on where a particular ideas takes me.

What or who is your biggest inspiration in your practice?
Politics, music, showbiz, religion and the everyday humdrum of real life.

What has been your most memorable moment of your artistic career to date?
Being included in group shows with some of my art heroes such as Peter Blake and Gilbert and George.

What would you consider the biggest hurdle for an artist nowadays? 
Too many amazing artists, not enough wall space. 

Lastly – what is your biggest realistic or unrealistic artistic dream?

I’d like to make humungously large and complex pieces, so a bigger studio would be great.