Art Market Receives Invaluable advice from Liberty Gallery Owner

As part of this years Art Market program we hosted a lively and engaging talk by Patsy Dixon of Liberty Gallery providing helpful tips and advice on approaching the commercial market. 

About Liberty Gallery

“Liberty Gallery is carving a reputation for representing artists especially selected for their diverse use of media. The work is refreshing and experimental and created by artists who have developed a creed of their own and who have been primarily chosen for their aesthetic awareness and innovative practice.”


In preparation for this years Art Market we wanted to provide our Exhibitors with an in-site into the commercial market within the Art World. Patsy Dixon, from Liberty Gallery provided attendees with invaluable Advice as she spoke in depth covering subjects such:

•  Selling your work
•  Art Fair do’s and don’t
•  Engaging with a commercial audience
•  Gallery representation



It was a fantastic talk with plenty of transferable information the exhibitors can put into practice at the Art Market. It was also a great networking opportunity allowing the artists to become aquatinted with one another and share their experiences. We hope the Art Market is a huge success for the exhibitors and would like to thank Patsy for her fruitful talk.

Visit the Liberty Gallery’s website to see the talented Artists that Patsy represent, Future events and